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Some of our Virginia-based Athletics East runners meet on Saturdays at Burke Lake Park in Fairfax. There is a mostly dirt/gravel loop trail through the woods around the lake that measures about 4.6 miles. We enjoy an easy long run (1, 2, 3 or more loops). There are other routes to add additional miles and the trail has connecting paths to South Run Rec Center and Lake Mercer. The trail is mostly shaded in the summer and the trees cut some of the wind in the winter. Join us any time. 

  • 9AM is standard start time for Fall/Winter/Spring. In the summer, it moves up to 8:30 or 8:00 to beat the heat.

  • We meet in the Picnic Area A/B parking lot by the public restrooms.

  • As you arrive at the park, drive about 200m past the security office, take your first right, and head up the hill to the parking lot

  • We hope to see more of you, as the group as been growing with each week

Weekend Long Runs: Contact
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